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Number of Users/CALs = 25 + 1(default admin)PostMaster Express...

Number of Users/CALs = 25 + 1(default admin)PostMaster Express is a lite-weight tightly-engineered E-mail server that retains the most popular features of the previous versions of PostMaster.

We have re-engineered these features to make a product that is simple to set-up, configure and maintain. This product is a cost-effective application built for organisations who want the best out of their E-mail but don`t have the necessary technical resources to administer and maintain the systems.

Features1. With an intuitive set-up wizard, configuring PostMaster Express becomes hassle free - Prompts for basic details like domain status, POP Host and SMTP Host.

2. Built on Java for platform independence3. Works on a standard desktop and allows multi-tasking4. Works over all types of connectivity, at the lowest level even a dial-up.

5. Mail transfer scheduler to control the usage of your dial-up connection. 6. Supports both no-domain and domain scenarios i. e. Companies without a registered domain name can use PostMaster to share a single e-mail account provided by their ISP7.

Basic User controls like prioritisation and mailbox size8. Allows creation of alias accounts for departments, groups, etc. 9. Forwarding and archiving for management of information flow10.

Seamless integration of anti-virus plug-in, AvAc, for gateway-level virus scanning11. Detailed log reports of usage checks and troubleshooting12.

Maintains a global address book accessible by users13. Downloads from multiple POP accounts14. Supports username:password based authenticated SMTP relay15.

Domain Level Signature for appending a critical piece of information to every outgoing mail. 16. Works with any POP3/SMTP complaint E-mail clients (Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape Mail etc.

)17. WebMail, a browser-based service, allows users to access mail without the use of any e-mail client from anywhere on the LAN18. Auto-responders with smart feature - sends an auto-reply to a particular e-mail address only the first time.

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PostMaster Express


PostMaster Express 5.0.x

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